I'm Mel, nice to meet you.

The name is Melanie Moore, I am the girl behind Paperchild Photography. I am based in Michigan, but I love a good flight or road trip. When I’m not behind my camera, I enjoy getting out and exploring the world, warm blankets fresh from the dryer, watching a good thriller/horror movie, interior design, and cuddling with my kids Teagan and Oliver. 

The name "Paperchild" came from when I was in high-school. I took a lot of art classes and always carried my sketch book around with me. Everyone started to call me Paperchild and I loved it so much that I used it for EVERYTHING.

I like to approach photography a little differently than most photographers. I focus on the small, seemingly insignificant moments during any session/wedding. The wind blowing through a bride’s hair. Grandparents holding hands during the vows. The sun peeking through the trees at sunset. A flirty glance from a bridesmaid to her date. I’ll get the big ones too, but I believe capturing all those small moments and details are just as important as the big moments. Most of my inspiration is from nature, human emotion, and the perfectly imperfect photographs from the film days.